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We have the largest full-time team in the industry of selling online businesses. All of our team are formally educated and have years of combined experience in both running and selling online businesses. Our team is comprised of professionals from investment banking, strategy consulting as well as online entrepreneurs, all of which have extensive transaction execution expertise.

FE International complements this formal experience with unique and innovative approaches to deal marketing and structuring. Our global footprint allows us to deliver a world-class service on a local scale. Representing clients in 32 countries, FE International remains responsive and can adapt rapidly to changing market conditions to ensure results for your business.

Boasting over 30,000 vetted buyers, we will ensure that the right eyes are viewing the right business. We value discretion and understand fully the risk associated with selling your business and, we are here to help protect your interests. Our dedicated team speaks to every buyer on an individual basis, forming a full profile to ensure that the right opportunities land in the right hands.

Our unwavering approach to buyer qualification and vetting ensures business continuity and diligence is upheld throughout the process. Our transparent vetting process is open to scrutiny from sellers and buyers alike and we do not compromise on the safeguarding of our clients' interests.

FE International is the pre-eminent advisor within the industry and enjoys a well-earned reputation for integrity, creativity and delivering results. To date, the firm has successfully executed an industry-leading 650+ transactions.

Our personal touch ensures each partner receives the right advice for their objectives and our experience-driven processes ensure the highest results every time.

Our results speak to this, with an industry leading 94.1% sale completion rate within 60 days of listing.

"To be regarded as the most professional and trusted provider of advice on online business acquisitions and sales."

This requires our international teams to deliver all round performance to our valued clients and offer the best advice for each business. Our intention is to cultivate satisfied clients who will develop long-term, mutually profitable relationships with FE International and who will also act as ambassadors to other potential clients.