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94.1% acquisition success rate

Experience you can rely on, knowledge you can trust:

Over the past decade, FE International ("FE”) has become the pre-eminent global advisor in SaaS, e-commerce and content M&A, acting as the sole advisor on over 850 online businesses sold, totaling half a billion dollars in acquisition value.

Our mission is simple: to be regarded as the most professional and trusted provider of M&A advisory services for technology businesses worldwide.

This requires our international teams to deliver unparalleled performance to our valued clients and offer the very best advice for each individual business.

Our aim is to cultivate long-term relationships and consistently deliver safe, secure and successful deal making for Internet entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Our continued 100% year-on-year growth is a testament to our top-tier talent, data-driven processes and centralized global infrastructure, allowing us to deliver a world-class service on a local scale.

Experience you can rely on and knowledge you can trust – the hallmarks of a true leader and what it means to experience certainty.

"I compared other firms and after the initial consultation it became immediately clear to me that I was most comfortable working with FE International. They were clearly much more experienced, qualified and skillful at putting together acquisitions in this industry. It turned out to be a great experience all the way through.”

Brian Casel, Founder,
Ops Calendar and Audience Ops.


As a business owner your time matters, and we will always give direct and honest advice. Our data-led approach provides accuracy throughout the acquisition process and ensures maximum value for your business on exit. Our M&A team is well versed in technology entrepreneurship and provides transparent insights into the metrics that really matter when selling your business.

Whether you choose to engage FE now or in years to come, our advice will always be data-driven and pragmatic.

Scalable solutions

Our global infrastructure means we can deliver a world-class service on a local scale. With offices in New York, San Francisco, London and Hong Kong, our advisors adapt rapidly to changing macro and micro-market conditions to ensure best-in-class results for your business.

Representing clients in over 32 countries, FE's expert advisors know what it means to remain responsive. Our offices never sleep.

Customized service

By supplementing proven processes with sophisticated research analysis, proprietary data sets and one-on-one consultations, we have the flexibility to tailor our approach to meet your vision. Our objective is to deliver proven expertise while continually evolving our services around the needs and expectations of our valued clients.

Collaboration we can believe in

Collaboration fosters intelligent decision making and highly specialized solutions to meet the most unique of situations.

Our data-led and customized approach means we will always work in an open and transparent way, ensuring you are "in the room” no matter where your schedule takes you. This forms a rock-solid foundation of trust and open communication that means you have the information needed to make informed decisions.

"The complexity of a transaction of this size meant there was no way I was going to tackle it alone. I've heard stories of founders trying to manage a large acquisition and I know the potential pitfalls of doing so.
One of my first calls was to the team at FE International to ask for advice, and bring them into the fold pretty much from day one.”

- Rob Walling,
Co-Founder, Drip

Full-Service M&A

We combine traditional M&A advisory services with the industry know-how and expertise required to complete successful technology business acquisitions in an ever-evolving landscape.

Integrated solutions help realize our value quickly by housing all of the major elements required for successful acquisition under one roof. From exit planning to valuation analysis, strategic negotiations, due diligence, acquisition accounting, complex legal structuring, post-sale considerations and more, the FE processes provide certain and risk-free progress through the series of milestones required to complete a successful exit.

Exit planning

Planning is integral to a successful business sale. FE understands that the future is as important as the here-and-now and the right advice for one business may not be the right advice for another.

Our team thrives on the challenge and excitement of navigating the opportunities that come with business development, and we partner with leading industry firms to provide integrated business solutions to take your exit to the next level.

Our aim is to guide you through the journey from A to Z, ensuring a smooth process along the way and a successful exit when the time is right for you and your business. We will work with you to achieve your goals, be that selling your business now or in years to come.

Sell-side mandates

FE has become the pre-eminent advisor within the industry and enjoys a well-earned reputation for integrity, creativity and delivering results. To date, the firm has successfully executed an industry-leading 850+ acquisitions.

You will receive advice tailored to your own objectives and our data-driven processes ensure maximum value at exit. Our personal touch guarantees it.

With the largest database of precedent SaaS, e-commerce and content acquisitions worldwide, and over 60,000 vetted investors in our network, we will leave no stone unturned to deliver success for your business.

Post-acquisition obligations

As M&A advisors, we understand that there is more to an acquisition than just penning the deal. With robust handover processes and a full technical team on staff, FE routinely facilitates the transition of the most complicated of businesses to new owners in a safe and efficient manner.

Our M&A team is always on hand to make sure you are on track to meet any technical, operational or financial post-sale contractual obligations.

Investor network

With over 60,000 vetted investors in our network, we ensure that only the most qualified investors view information about your business. Our marketing materials are designed with security in mind and provide only the necessary information to solicit offers from seasoned professionals.

Protecting your interests is our top priority.

Our dedicated M&A team speaks to every investor on an individual basis, forming a full profile to ensure that only the most productive conversations are facilitated. Our unwavering approach to investor qualification and vetting ensures business continuity and diligence is upheld throughout the process.

Our transparent vetting process is open to scrutiny from business owners and investors alike and we do not compromise on the safeguarding of our clients' interests.

"I didn't really know what to expect about selling my business... I've now sold two businesses through FE International. They again achieved a great outcome for my business, my customers, and my family.

I would unreservedly recommend FE International to anyone who is selling a SaaS business. Their service has been absolutely top-notch and they've dealt with me fairly and forthrightly in all things."

- Patrick McKenzie,
Content & Communications, Stripe Principal, Kalzumeus Software.

Change is an inevitable force. FE will be there to help you strategically plan and maximize your business value to ensure you are well positioned when new opportunities arise.

FE has consistently retained its position as the leading M&A advisory firm for SaaS, e-commerce and content businesses through its data-led, customer-centric approach and an unwavering devotion to excellence.

Experience you can rely on and knowledge you can trust. Let FE take the lead to deliver success for your business.